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What is Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving?

Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) is a team-based approach which uses a structured methodology to determine:

  • Root Cause (s) of a complex problems
  • Possible containment of the problem symptoms
  • Best solutions to eliminate the Root Cause
  • Prevention actions necessary to avoid the problem in the future

The “Eight Disciplines” refers to the steps a team would progress through during the problem investigation.  Many of the techniques and tools utilized are collected from the best practices in Root Cause Analysis (RCA). When using the 8D approach, the “Root Cause” is verified by turning it on and off at will.

The RCA sections of 8D (D2 and D4) are very specific and detailed.  Many people who are excellent trouble shooters may not be good problem solvers, which makes 8D Training very valuable to individuals as well as organizations.

When looking for 8D Training, there are several important questions that should be considered:

  • Will Root Cause Analysis (RCA) be covered?
  • How is 8D related to other problem solving tools (i.e. Six Sigma)?
  • How does 8D assure future failure is avoided or prevented?
  • How is the team utilized when solving problems?
  • What additional tools are used in the 8D method?

This website will provide guidelines to individuals and companies considering 8D Training, as well as tips and tricks to make 8D more effective.